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Ceramic Workshops in my Studio



offer creative ceramic courses in my own studio in Niedernhausen. The max. amount of participants is six. On some weekends, I will be offering intensive courses depending on the demand. Continuous and progressive courses take place in my studio throughout the year. You can start your experience with clay from zero, but you are also very welcome if you have had previous experiences with ceramic.  You will become familiar with the materials and the building techniques and explore your creative possibilities with lots of inspiration and ideas that I will support and help you develop. The courses take place during the whole year and are on-going. Exceptions are school and state holidays.



hrough various techniques, for example modelling, coiling, pinching and plates, you can make almost anything you imagine, from kitchen utensils to garden and home decorations. I will guide and help you to make your ideas become real objects. I will teach you also the many alternatives that you have to decorate the surface of the pieces you make, either with 3D reliefs or bassreliefs or with glazes and engobes. Wheel work and throwing does not take place in my courses.

Tools, Glazes, Engobes


have all sort of modelling and carving tools, amongst a variety of equipment needed to achieve your goals. I offer five basic colors of glazes and engobe to work with. They are lead-free and are water-resistant after firing, so that you can wash your pieces in the dishwasher.Special colors, must be ordered as you wish and need, by the participants. I will provide them at cost. I must take care of the drying, glazing and firing from pieces made over the weekend intensive courses myself, the course time is not enough to finish the whole process.

Course Schedules


he registration to my courses is binding by post or email.

  • Weekend Courses (dependent on demand)

    Saturdays  from 10:00 – 18:00
    Cost: 80 Euro + 12 Euro per Kilo of material fired twice.


  • On-going Week courses

    Tuesdays 9.30 – 12.00 Uhr
    Thursdays 19.00 – 21.30 Uhr
    Cost:60 Euro per month (min. 2 months)
    Material costs: 
9,80 Euro per Kilo of fired material


  • Workshop Seminars

    Create your own artwork inspired by objects found in nature or by architecture. Learn how to carry out an inspiration-journal, learn new methods of art making with the guidance of expert artists and designers, from jewelry to Tarot card symbology. These courses will be posted on my webpage, on my Facebook page, Pinterest and Twitter, when available. They will be open to adults of all levels of experience.


Registration under:

  • +49 15158102289

Alexandra de Kempf’s Kunststudio, Niedernhausen. Germany

Creativity Coaching


y desire to help others manifest their creativity and successfully negotiate the challenges that come with the artist’s life is the main reason for me to offer Creativity Coaching on an individual basis. It does not matter which one your career is, creativity is needed in our daily lives to support our productivity, but also our enjoyment of whatever it is that we do. Creativity coaching attract artists, writers, musicians, therapists, coaches and other interested individuals looking forward to improve their creative output.oc
Incorporating the principles of creativity coaching into your life will help you create more deeply and more regularly. If your goals are to create and to build a career in the arts, creativity coaching can help you achieve your goals. Creativity Coaching is for individuals wanting to learn creativity self-coaching principles and practices.
As a creative coach, I offer you my guidance to help you live a successful creative life. You may have career concerns, creative blocks, psychological issues, relationship issues, or existential and spiritual crises, and you may be facing the urge that comes from wanting and needing to create.
As an artist myself, as an architect and as a designer, I am aware of the big picture: human nature, personality structure, the psychological makeup of creative individuals, the problems inherent in the work creative individuals attempt, the challenges of the different intellectual and art marketplaces, and so on. I talk to you as a creative person does to another, I listen to what you say, and make observations and suggestions that lead you to the path that you want to explore.
Creativity coaching is not psychotherapy, but long years of therapeutical psychological insight  and teaching help me in my work attempts to help others. My coaching is meant to mentoring you and guiding you to walk your own path.
Costs: 70€ per 1 hour of individual meeting + materials