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Exhibition “Resurrection”


spent most of 2011 working very hard to set up my first solo exhibition. It was called “Wiederauferstehung,” which is German for “Resurrection,” which was exactly what is was about. My work, 44 ceramic sculptures and 14 Collages, represented physically, a year of hard “soul” work that was just the beginning of a process of internal healing that began 3 years ago after many years of fall-downs and stand-ups.
 I  was astonished by the succes of my first solo show. Of course a good part of these success I owe to the support of friends and acquaintances, not only because many were present and many acquired a piece for their collections, but because they believed firmly in my talent and capabilities, and thus pushed me to go forward when I felt I had no more energy to move.
 I had a very nice review in the local newspaper (unfortunately, only in German available) and a very good reception among the German public, who found my art refreshing and very colorful (the paintings) but also deep and full of clear meaning without being obvious. The feedback from the visistors filled me with joy and recharged my energy tank to undertake the next challenges hopeful and enthusiastic. For more information on the exhibition, please click here.

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