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I Love Clay

C lay stuck to my hands over 20 years ago in the wonderful studio of a master and friend, Nieves Batista, in Caracas. I worked with her for several years, learning all I could to transform the material with the help of my hands, and the thrill of the kiln. I have not been able […]


Exhibition “5 + 1″

T his was a collective exhibition that took place during June 2012 which was organized by the artists ourselves to promote our work in German soil. Five Venezuelan women, and a Venezuelan man got together to show our work in a wealthy suburb of Frankfurt am Main. The exhibition in Kronberg im Taunus was a […]


Exhibition “Resurrection”

I spent most of 2011 working very hard to set up my first solo exhibition. It was called “Wiederauferstehung,” which is German for “Resurrection,” which was exactly what is was about. My work, 44 ceramic sculptures and 14 Collages, represented physically, a year of hard “soul” work that was just the beginning of a process […]