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So “Sublime” in Berlin is ticking until November…Click here to see some of the work being exhibited.
And I will be going in October to Miami meeting up new contacts and looking for galleries…
Life is Beautiful.


FELLINI Gallery is pleased to invite you to our Vernissage “SUBLIME”
Cocktail Reception on Thursday (invitation only), September 6, 2012, 19:00 – 22:00h and the exhibition continues until November 3, 2012.
Dress Code: Elegant Attire / Suits
Please be sure to RSVP as this is an exclusive event, and anyone not on the guest list will not be admitted.

Coming up: My First Exhibition in Berlin


Summer vacations are over and it is time to go back to work! In retrospective, the exhibition in Kronberg im Taunus was a “strange” success…Most of our sales were to outsiders and visitors…the local public (Kronberger folk) was resistant to our charm and talent, and more concerned about “investment” than taste…Many thanks to our families, friends, clients, buyers, collectors, and visitors for their support!
We as a team of artists learned a lot from this experience, and also experimented a certain bonding that has sealed some friendships forever.

The upcoming event is my first exhibition in Berlin. I will keep the info up to date once I have the invites, but the date and title are already set. The vernissage will take place on th 6th of September 2012, and the collective exhibition’s title will be “Sublime.”
I love that title. My deep thanks to the Gallery owner and curator of the show, Ms. Yuri Lee, from the Fellini Gallery. See you soon in Berlin!